Why Men and Women Have Different Criteria For The Law Firm To Work For

Some interesting information about working for Australian law firms showed that men and women have different preferences when it comes to where they want to work. The results were revealed in the Legal Firm of Choice Survey, which was conducted by Lawyers Weekly and Momentum Intelligence.

It turns out that men and women have different firms in mind that they would like to move to in the next year. This just goes to show how important it is for legal employers to take a more personalized approach to managing their staff members. After all, everyone has different needs and preferences.

The pandemic has made legal professionals more aware of what they need in order to perform at their best. Employers should keep this in mind and remember that what one lawyer values may not be the same as their colleague’s.

It’s not surprising that there are differences in firm choices between male and female lawyers. In many households, the female partner often takes on more family-related responsibilities than the male partner. Even when chores are shared equally, women still tend to carry the “mental load” of managing a household and family.

So, when it comes to firm choices, it’s more about perceived flexibility and work/life balance policies for women. Many of the firms that women prefer offer family-friendly policies and senior women sharing roles. Interestingly, these firms are also open to considering part-time or reduced hours candidate applications.

It’s important for employers to keep all of these factors in mind when managing their staff. By taking a more holistic and personalized approach, they can help create a workplace that works for everyone.

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