Listed Law Firm Answer To Higher Law Pay

A recent report from Bloombergs indicated that one of the answers to giving junior lawyers a feeling that they’re being looked after – financially, especially – is to give them shares in the company.

DWF is one of the few listed legal service providers and has the benefit of being able to do just that. They provide a range of legal and law-related services and have expanded into Australia and elsewhere with an aggressive growth path projected.

The interview with Chief Executive Sir Nigel Knowles provides something other than the increased money that London law firms, many being US-owned, throw at their lawyers to provide greater ‘incentive’ to remain as the talent and wage war rages.

Knowles said the higher pay race was a ‘sticking plaster’ rather than a long term solution to the issue of keeping junior lawyers with their firms.

DWF is a top 20 UK law firm with over 1200 lawyers. A Glass Door survey indicates that DWF partners earn £106,747 – £260,845 per year.


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