Law Firm Perks – What About Egg Freezing

Egg freezing is not a perk for a law job that would sit comfortably alongside flexible hours and an in-house barista perhaps, but it is exactly what Big Law outfit Slaughter and May are offering.

A spokesman for the firm said the perk was “part of a range of holistic health and wellbeing benefits” provided by the firm, as part of a collaboration with Care Fertility UK and the Fertility Partnership.

The London office of Cooley, a San Francisco firm, previously unveiled a “family-forming” perk for staff and lawyers valued at £45,000.

Clifford Chance offers fertility treatment and egg freezing through its private health package as a perk. The egg freezing and egg-related perks create an issue for some who see it as an encouragement for women to work longer so long as they have some assurance that they can still have children one day.

However it has been noted by others that the offer should be seen as but one suggestion, alongside many others that form an holistic approach to the welfare and enjoyment of legal work.

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