Here’s How To Stand Out with Remote Working Jobs

Remote working legal work is becoming increasingly available with both old line law firms and the newer, virtual and tech firms seeking assistance.

But what do you need to do to qualify for a remote working job and what should you be doing in an increasingly competitive environment to work for a law firm (or any company) that is seeking someone to handle remote work.

Those hiring people for remote work are looking for some specific traits that ensure the remote worker will be efficient and a good hire.

There are some things you can do to update your CV / Resume to stand out in the eyes of those looking to hire a remote worker for a law firm or anyone else.

Outline your previous remote or hybrid job experience

The most important thing a hiring manager wants to see is that you’ve worked remotely before, says Brie Reynolds, the career services manager at FlexJobs, a membership site that connects workers with remote jobs.

If you’ve held a job that was fully remote or hybrid, make that designation easy to see for a recruiter scanning your resume, Reynolds says, like by including it as a parenthetical in the same line as your job title.

Prioritize your remote-work experience with each role

When outlining your remote work experience, make sure you bullet point the way you worked and your success in working in those roles in terms of working with teammates and others. Mirror your experiences to what the job description is asking for, and give top billing to skills or tasks that are stated as required or preferred.

Covid-19 has seen countless people handling work remotely so you need to make sure you stand out by showing that you have gone the extra mile and made remote working something that was successfull for all parties. What did you do that saved the firm or the company money? Did you work to make work flows better, overhaul the team or do something else of value to the business?

Even if you haven’t worked remotely in an official capacity, you can find ways to show how you’ve worked with others who aren’t physically in the same location as you — like if you frequently work with colleagues in a different regional office, or if you interact with external clients in any way.

Demonstrate how you can be managed remotely

Recruityers and hiring managers want to know that you have the technical and soft skills to be an effective remote worker so outline how you are familiar with tech platforms that enhance efficiency in remote working including videoconferencing and collaboration tools that are used by remote workers.

You should also demonstrate the earlier work you have done, or projects in which you have been involved to show how you worked and what you achieved. Distinguish your experience and set your experience as to how you handled workmates or others from a distance.

Ensure your LinkedIn profile fits your work

Recruiters are looking for lawyers and workers everywhere and LinkedIn is a key recruitment tool for them so make sure your LinkedIn is also up-to-date for your remote-work job search. If you’re open about your job search on the platform, you can add that you’re specifically looking for remote opportunities in your page headline.

Additionally, if you completed your degree online, took remote classes or got certified for a skill through e-learning, make sure that’s also included on your LinkedIn profile.

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